Bed Bug Removal

Do you go to bed at night and get bit by something all night long? Does that something leave little red bumps on your skin? If so, you have a problem. And that problem is bed bugs. Bed bugs have made their way across the United States, and those little bugs have become very hard […]

Preparing for treatment against bed bugs

Whether you are hiring a pest management professional or trying to eliminate the bugs yourself, properly preparing your home is an essential first step. Taking these steps before starting out will help speed the process and reduce control costs. Reduce Clutter Make your Bed an Island Clean All Items in the Living Area Eliminate Bed […]

How to find bed bugs

If you have an infestation, it is best to find it early, before the infestation becomes established or spreads. Treating a minor infestation, while an inconvenience, is far less costly and easier than treating the same infestation after it becomes more widespread. However, low-level infestations are also much more challenging to find and correctly identify. […]

Introduction to bed bugs

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a pest – feeding on blood, causing itchy bites and generally irritating their human hosts. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all consider bed bugs a public health pest. However, unlike […]